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Webinar: Women’s Participation and Leadership

The second webinar by the Participation in Displacement Working Group presented on the Women’s Participation Project that was piloted by IOM Cox’s Bazar in 2018 to better understand how women’s participation in governance structures in camps and camp-like settings could contribute to mitigating and reducing the risks of gender-based violence (GBV) in the Rohingya refugee response. Megan Denise Smith, head of GBV programming at IOM Cox’s Bazar presented a snapshot of key lessons learned from the project, focusing on the achievements and challenges of the Women’s Committee in Leda Makeshift Camp as well as cross-cutting issues related to disability inclusion and social cohesion that can be applied to other similar interventions.

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Webinar: Women’s Role in Coordination

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Women’s Committee in Somalia respond to COVID19 – Face Mask Production

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Webinar: Community Engagement, Participation and the response to COVID19

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How IOM Somalia’s CCCM team is preventing the spread of COVID19