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It takes a village to empower displaced women and girls in displacement sites worldwide


Today we celebrate World Humanitarian Day by thanking the Women's Participation Project (WPP) field colleagues currently implementing in Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen for their efforts in ensuring meaningful participation for women and girls in IDP settings.


 "I am happy to be contributing to empowering displaced women, valuing their opinions, and ensuring that their leaders, partners, and others respect and take their needs into consideration." - Muanesse, CCCM Team, Mozambique

On this day, we also take the opportunity to highlight the importance, effectiveness, and positive impact of WPP's work in addressing the needs of women and girls in camps and camp-like settings.

"This is the first year we see displaced women taking leadership roles in sites, and that's because of the women committees that we have proudly formed." - CCCM Team, Yemen

Thousands of women and girls have felt more confident due to the IOM field team's support, who believed in the project mission and worked hard to make a tangible change in the communities.

"I feel I am a part of a meaningful project where women are empowered to become leaders, decision-makers, and breadwinners in their communities."- Titus, CCCM Team, South Sudan

The Women's Participation Project is a global initiative implemented by IOM in different displacement contexts and settings to support equitable and meaningful participation and representation of displaced women and girls. Initiated in 2016, the Project is part of the 'Safe from the Start' Initiative funded by the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM). 

The Project has helped amplify the voices of more than 6000 displaced women and girls in 12 countries worldwide and has contributed to mitigating the risk of gender-based violence in these locations.


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